Commenta per primo



From the 1-4 of the 6th January to the 4-1 yesterday: Juventus-Parma is the mirror of the bianconero renewal. The new coach Antonio Conte started on the right foot in the new stadium, enjoying a quality team and 'foaming at the mouth' as he had asked.

The heavy defeat of last season came from the initial expulsion of Felipe Melo, who is now in Turkey and has given his place to a certain Andrea Pirlo. The results are there for all to see: the player arrived on a free transfer from Milan and was the best in the field, giving two assists and handling the ball a lot with an error rate close to zero.

It is true that Parma eased his task, leaving him free to do what he wanted and we are only the first day of the championship, but if the start is the an indication of what is to come then this year Pirlo will be the true top player of the Juventus purchases.