• Roma will sign Adriano in June

    Roma will sign Adriano in June

    • Gianmaria Lucca
    Adriano will play with Roma next season. His agent, Gilmar Rinaldi, told “We had dinner with Daniele Pradè last night and he spoke to Adriano about the club's project. Adriano liked it. We'll be in Italy within 10 days to talk with the chairman. We haven't spoken about money, but only about the project and how Adriano will fit in it”. Roma want to link the salary to his performance and his behaviour outside the pitch: “We haven't spoken about this - Rinaldi added - , but we will be OK if they want to add these provisions in the contract, I don't see any problem. Adriano didn't leave Italy for the money and he won't return for the money either”. Roma could also acquire Simplicio. Rinaldi is his agent too: “We may close the deal in the meeting with the chairman next week. I am going to Sao Paulo to visit him and explain Roma's intentions”.

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