• Zanetti: 16 years at Inter

    Zanetti: 16 years at Inter

    16 years with Inter, passed with tears, pain, sacrifice, and satisfaction. Since his arrival in 1995 from Banfiled, we've seen him play in many roles, a part from goalkeeper. Always at the service of the coach, without any complaint. His priority has always been what's best for the team, with his personal ambition put in second place.

    Zanetti, 38, is again ready to give his contribution this season. The new coach Gasperini tried him in every role, in the midfield and on the side, as a defender, and maybe he's pushed him a bit too far. Zanetti doesn't have technical or above all physical characteristics to play as a central defender and in the friendly against Olympiakos the first worrying signs appeared. However, as there are some players injured, Zanetti will play in that role against Palermo, a risk that could cost Inter dearly.

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