Commenta per primo
Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined PSG in summer 2012 winning four domestic titles in as much seasons and becoming one of the most impressive footballers in the history of French football. Two journalists of L’Equipe have written a book that describes the Swedish ace behaviour away from the pitch, here there are a couple of funny anecdotes.

“When Zlatan decides that it’s time to joke, it’s a bit like when he enters the danger area: he becomes unstoppable. Trapp is the new team’s German goalkeeper and Ibra starts calling him ‘Adolf’ and everyone had to do the same. He was not disrespectful, he only wanted to avenge his friend Sirigu who lost his place after Trapp’s arrival.”

“Former PSG player Armand also speaks about Ibra’s time at the club: “Ibra never brought his luggage in his hotel’s room, not even when he used to play for Ajax. There was always someone tasked with that job.”

“Once he found his luggage on the hotel’s reception and he turned on Leonardo: ‘Can I know why the luggage is still not in my room? You keep saying we are in a big club, but these things don’t happen in big clubs. That would never happen in Milan!’

‘No worries, I’ll take care of it’, Leonardo replied.

Lorenzo Bettoni @lorebetto