Commenta per primo
In an interview with the Italian daily La Stampa, England's manager Fabio Capello said: "If we don’t at least reach the final, we will have failed". On John Terry: "Terry is a true leader, one of those players who always makes a difference. I had no choice, he knows that, to me, values come first". Then Capello explained how he changed England: “When I arrived, I saw players who were switched off, scared, without a sense of belonging. I was surprised. So I tightened the screws, I demanded professionalism and this cemented our team.” On the British media: “Every day the media here comes up with something new,” Capello replied. “And the media has a lot of clout, they really influence public opinion. But you have to recognise that, at the same time, they have the pulse of English society. It’s part of the job and that’s why I’m here. He then did not want to comment on Lippi's Italy and Maradona: "I only think about my own team, I don't know Maradona as a coach and I only speak about things I know".