Commenta per primo

Love is priceless and Alessandro Del Piero knows this. The one with Juve is a great story that has lasted since 1993, destined to continue next season. At any cost. Or, better, at any price. Del Piero still wants Juve and is willing to sign a blank contract to have it. This was the message to the fans, to the club, on his official website:

Hi all, I think the moment has come to talk directly to you who have been following me with a lot of passion for years, day by day. For some time I've been reading comments linked to my name about situations and behaviour that have absolutely nothing to do with me and this upsets me really.

A profound love for football, Juventus jersey and team's fans have been always the reason and engine of my career. Not money: I've earned a lot in my life and I could have earned even more, playing somewhere else if I accepted the offers made to me numerous times even in the latest period.

I've talked to the President, not about the financial aspects, but about my will to play also next season, about my determination, professionalism, my passion, my wish to win more, the wish that has been always within me, from the Viareggio tournament to the World championship, leave apart Serie B.

I wish to point out that my ties to this jersey and to my fans can not be measured. I signed my first Juventus contract blank, and I will sign blank the last contract of my career wearing this jersey”.