Commenta per primo


Here we go again: AC Milan loses a game and there is talk about Ibra-dependence. Yet only five days after the draw in Barcelona, many had pointed out that Pato always gives his best without the Swede at his side. In short, some equilibrium is needed.

Rather than the attack, it is the defense the worries Allegri. Because if in the last three games, the Rossoneri have taken 7 goals, it is not all the fault of the department lead by Nesta-Thiago Silva indeed ...

The keenest observers point the finger at the midfield, where last night Seedorf and Van Bommel showed a different pace compared to the furious runners in Naples. And whoever thinks that the problem can be resolved only with the return of Gattuso and Ambrosini are wrong, two good players but they no longer have the polish of the golden days. Wednesday at the San Siro is the test with Udinese.