• After Gasperini, Figo or Baggio: Moratti's season of transition

    After Gasperini, Figo or Baggio: Moratti's season of transition

    "Now we are waiting". Massimo Moratti has publically given Giampiero Gasperini another chance, but inside he has already decided. In the next few weeks Inter will have a new coach, it only remains to be understood what will happen after the match against Roma, on Saturday night at San Siro. The matches at the begining of this season are a pretext to end a relationship that never began. But why did Moratti choose Gasperini in the first place. The ex Genoa coach was mistrusted by his president from the start, not giving him independance or credibility.

     Gasperini will go then, but who will take his place? Capello has pulled out of the race, Delio Rossi and Ranieri are two concrete possibilities. But the names do not end there. There are also Figo and Baggio. The first is an Inter representative, the second has a role in the Football Federation, as Chairman of the Technical sector. Two carismatic characters, two men of football, but who have never coached. The choices on the summer market, the turnabout of Gasperini, confirm that this is a year of transition for Moratti. The new Inter will be born next summer and the dream of the Inter president is to rely on Guardiola, whose contract with Barcelona is due to expire next June.

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