Commenta per primo


 Udinese Sporting Director Fabrizio Larini spoke to about the market.
Will Udinese be in fourth place?
"I do not know, we are only thinking about work, then at the end of the season we will see. We have to travel cautiously and live for the day, in football you must always be cautious, we should not be taken by the enthusiasm. Let us go forward with the values we have, we remain humble".

 The market is closed for Udinese?
“We are spectators in this transfer market, we simply look and see what happens, our movements both inbound and outbound will be closed".
How much is Sanchez worth?
"I do not know, we do not do the figures, the market does. The value of players is subject to change. If Sanchez continues on this standard he can do well. he's a versatile player with great room for improvement. Chelsea and Manchester United? They are two clubs that have looked at him, they want him but there are others".
"They tried in January, as other teams have. The owner would like to keep Sanchez at Udine until June".

Corradi is not moving?
'His contract is expiring and we are happy to keep him, but if an important offer comes the player could go. Our intention is not to make purchases in attack because we believe that Corradi will stay at Udinese".

Di Natale needs one more goal to reach 100
"I hope he reaches this goal in the match against Juve, is a game that we need to win after the bad ko in the first leg".