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    Dzeko; "Silva is the best I've played with. My idol was Shevchenko"

    Dzeko; "Silva is the best I've played with. My idol was Shevchenko"

    It’s been a great start to the season for Roma striker Edin Dzeko after the criticism’s he faced during his first year in Serie A. The author of 12 goals in all competitions has turned him into one of European footballs deadliest frontmen and the Bosnian international has been talking to the clubs official website. He began by stating that; “When I was growing up Italy was the best championship and my favourite player was Andiy Shevchenko. I watched many games of Serie A and he had everything, he was the complete striker”.
    He continued; “I began playing football when I was 10 and I also played basketball and some athletics. After the war in Bosnia I started to think about my future, those were difficult times when I look back but here I am 20 years later still playing football!” He then explained how important his parents were to his development, stating that; “Starting at 10-year-old for a footballer is actually quite late, most kids are playing from about five years of age. After the war, my parents stayed in Bosnia and they used to take me to my coaching sessions”.
    Asked about his debut as a professional he remembered that; “We were playing away from home and the coach put me on with 10 minutes to go and asked me to score twice; unfortunately I didn’t and we lost the match 2-1”. Asked what his most memorable game was he replied; “My first game with the national team, it was in June 2007 in Sarajevo against Turkey. I scored that day and we won 3-2. It’s a day I’ll never forget”.
    Asked who the strongest opponent was that he has faced he declared that; “That’s very difficult but if I have to name one then it would be Sergio Ramos. I’ve faced him several times with Manchester City and Roma and also the national team”. Next up, the strongest teammate he has played alongside, Dzeko replied; “This is also a difficult choice as I’ve played with so many great players. I think I would have to go with David Silva, he does amazing things with the ball and they don’t call him the Little Magician for nothing”. On to his favourite arena to play in; “I think the Santiago Bernabeu but the Camp Nou is also impressive. Playing against Real Madrid however, in their stadium is something special”. Finally, the best thing about being a footballer; “Scoring goals of course, it’s the most beautiful thing you can do, an emotion impossible to explain”.

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