Commenta per primo


Have we already arrived at the end of the line? After the disappointing draw with Roma at San Siro, the trip tomorrow to Novara seems an incredibly hard task. More than the opponents, who will play the game of their life being the first at home in Serie A after 55 years, Inter is worried.
Looking only at the highlights of Saturday evening, some might have noticed some small progress, considering the opportunities created and the few goals chances taken from the Giallorossi. But the reality is different and who saw the match at San Siro is well aware. From the lost Super Cup in Beijing, to the other ko with Palermo and in the Champions League against Trabzonspor (who on Saturday lost at home against ... Buyuksehir) Inter have always done worst from the aspect of the game.
The team is low both physically and psychologically, with few ideas. In such a situation the coach obviously has his faults: continuing to change form and men, Gasperini is transmitting insecurity to the players

Unfortunately Gasperini is not the cause of all Inter’s evils, otherwise changing coach would be enough to solve the problem. Maybe it's the 'fault' of Leonardo, who last January recharged everyone with enthusiasm, obscuring much of the shortcomings of this group. Then the club was not looking and ran a campaign dedicated to improvised purchases, giving the go-ahead to sell Eto'o too quickly after thinking about transferring Sneijder and completing the team in the last days of the market.

Finally there is Pazzini: to consider him the savior would be a serious mistake, which could become counter-productive even for him. In fact he is a great finisher, but to give his best needs a team that plays well, otherwise you will see little or nothing. The truth is that he and Milito can not play together and so are condemned to alternate.