Commenta per primo

Giampaolo Pazzini earned Leonardo's trust with his 11 goals in 6 months with the Nerazzurri. Not bad. However, Pazzini took advantage from Diego Milito's bad moment. The "Principe" turned into a frog and the Italian international striker is now a first liner. The results are on his side, but the question is if Pazzini could really be considered the striker of the future. Most of all, has he the right strenght to support the Nerazzurri's attack even in Europe? This is a fair doubt.

Pazzini has been a protagonist only in the last two seasons after a difficult start with Atalanta and Fiorentina. He still has to show his talent compared to the great foreign strikers, like Eto'o. If you play in a big club, you must be a big player, otherwise you are just a reserve.

Pazzini has little experience in Europe: he just played two matches with Sampdoria last season. Inter must make a choice: to consider Pazzini a first liner or look for another striker with more experience in Europe.