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    Inter, Ranocchia is a step away

    Inter, Ranocchia is a step away

    Andrea Ranocchia, 22 year old central defender (2 goals this season with Genoa) is a step away from Inter.

    There will be a meeting between presidents Massimo Moratti and Enrico Preziosi, to finalise the negotiation. After the initial offer of 6.5 million, in the last meeting between nerazzurro director Marco Branca and rossoblù Stefano Capozucca, the club has agreed to go to 8 million euro. It is true that Genoa's number one wants 12 million but it is thought that an agreement can reached soon if Inter raise their offer again.

    Among the deals between Moratti and Preziosi in the future is the co-ownership of  Under 20 Felice Natalino. could Inter and Genoa talk about it during the Ranocchia deal? It is highly likely.

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