Commenta per primo
Juventus playmaker, Diego Ribas da Cunha talks about his future: "I want to stay at Juventus, I have a 5-year contract. But it's not depending only on me, we must find an agreement". In only one year the Brazilian has transformed from a big market coup to a question mark in the next summer trasfer market. His permanence in Turin is in doubt and "it just not depend on me" could have more significance. Who does it depend on then? On Juventus or rather on the offers that the club could get? We think from the latter. Diego showed a negative characteristic, he's a difficult player from a tactical point of view. The new coach Del Neri is very tactical and despite that he said Diego can play in his 4-4-2, the feeling is that Juventus don't want to have any more tactical misunderstanding. Thus, if a good offer will arrive, an offer consistent with the 25-million investment that the club did for Diego in 2010, it is reasonable to believe that Juventus will transfer the player. However, at the moment there are no offers a part from some romours from Manchester City. Juventus dream would be to include Diego in an important negotiation. The one for Ribery failed after he renewed with Bayern, and the rumour about Aguero is not concrete for now.