In summer 2014 Juan Cuadrado was considered the best offensive winger in Serie A. He was Fiorentina's top player. He was running, scoring goals and delivering delicious assist to his former teammates. The Brazilian World Cup ratified his fame obtained in the Italian championship and FC Barcelona was the club who wanted him more than any other team in Europe.
Fiorentina's president Andrea Della Valle set Cuadrado in stone in the 2014 summer market, but eventually sold him to Chelsea last January.

At Stamford Bridge Cuadrado have not confirmed the potential shown in Florence and the arrival of Pedro last summer has pushed him away from England, after six disappointing months.

Juventus obtained him on loan from Chelsea and after his first performances with the Bianconeri side, now the "Blues" may have some regrets about letting him leave so playfully.
Juventu's transfer market main directors, Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici obtained Juan Cuadrado on loan also thanks to the work of Alessandro Lucci, the players' agent. They managed to bypass José Mourinho's veto who initially wanted to sell him just with a clause in the contract making a permanent buy mandatory or  volountary in the future.

Cuadrado's standards during this first part of the campaign at the Juventus Stadium are high. He changes position in the pitch, but he always delivers top player performances, despite the team's poor form in Serie A. The Colombian is already untouchable for Massimiliano Allegri. 

The club's will is to make Cuadrado a permanent deal. At the same time José Mourinho has still a low consideration of the player and he is not on Chelsea's plan for the future. For these reasons Marotta and Paratici are prepearing an offert worth € 20 million, plus bonuses of € 2-3 million. 
Contacts between the two clubs are costant and will carry on from now untill January. The Italian side would like to close the deal in winter already, to dissuade other European teams who might be attracted by the winger's performances at the Juventus Stadium. The path has been taken: Juventus want to make Cuadrado a permanent deal.