Commenta per primo

Kaka to Milan: as the past teaches, this could be another failure. Nostalgia is not good in football...

In 1986 Roberto Donadoni was acquired by AC Milan. Silvio Berlusconi managed to win the competition from Juventus. With Sacchi and Capello, Donadoni won everything, then in 1996 he went to the USA, playing with the New York Metrotars. In 1997, he was 34i, returned to Milan for another two years with only 24 appearances.

In 1987 Milan acquired Ruud Gullit from PSV. He won everything. In 1993 he was transferred to Sampdoria and at the end of the season returned to Milan but for only 8 games. He then returned to Sampdoria.

In 2006 Shevchenko left Milan and went to Chelsea. That was a shock for the fans. However, he had problems in London, first with Mourinho then with Grant. In 2008 Sheva, returned to Milan on loan and at the end of the season the Rossoneri did not acquire him.

There are also the cases of Sacchi and Capello.

Kaka is only 29 years old, but he failed in Madrid and he's got physical problems. AC Milan will not get back the same player and the fans do not like the idea... a wonderful memory is at risk to be ruined...