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    Leonardo; "Moratti will not return to Inter"

    Leonardo; "Moratti will not return to Inter"

    Former Inter coach Leonardo has been speaking to La Stampa about the future of the club under new owners Suning and new coach Stefano Pioli. He began by explaining that; “A project is far more than just selecting the right coach. Suning has finally taken possession of the club and this is fundamental. Inter has success in its DNA and sometimes money is not enough. It needs organization of the highest level”.
    So when asked if the statements of Tronchetti Povera that you cannot “govern” from Indonesia or form China were correct. Leaonardo explained that; “Since Moratti left the club Inter has lost its point of reference. You have to know who is in control and who is making the decisions. Thohir has not had time to create this environment and this has caused instability”.
    On the departure of Bolingbroke and the arrival of Lui Jun, the former coach stated that; “It needs someone who knows how to balance the sporting side with the administrative one. The Chinese have inserted the men they feel most confident in and they are the ones who can give sustainability, authority and credibility to the club”.
    On the need for the club to have an Italian soul, Leonardo explained that; “It’s not a question of nationality but of confidence. Zanetti, Gardini and Ausilio must feel part of the structure”. When it was put to him that the club was too tied to the agent Kia Joorabchian he replied; “If you are organized you will need to rely on others. It’s like when you buy a flight, you can book via the airline or via the travel company”.
    On the casting to find the new coach; “It’s not a novelty but it was strange how you keep Marcelino in a hotel when you are having dinner with Zola”. On the possible return of Massimo Moratti to the club he explained that; “I say what I think and not what I know and in my opinion he will not return. I have never seen anyone suffer so much for Inter”.
    On Pioli’s debut in the derby; “It’s great to begin your adventure with a derby game. I see more positives than negatives. Pioli’s style of play is well known but there will be some unpredictability for sure”.

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