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"Offer for Ibra". The Spanish press reports the rumours on a possible return to Italy by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The current edition of the Catalan daily El Mundo Deportivo says that Milan would have offered Barcelona 35 million plus Huntelaar or Borriello for the Swedish striker. PRESS The former Juventus and Inter player is nostalgic for Italy. Zlatan Ibrahimovic; Milan want him, but he costs too much. A year after escaping to Barcelona he now finds himself as a luxury ornament in the Blaugrana locker room. In Spain and Sweden they are convinced that the most likely destination for the striker is AC Milan, to whom he had been promised in the summer of Calciopopli before throwing himself into the arms of millionaire Moratti. Barcelona would be willing to lower their demands, giving the champion at 35 million euro. But the figure is out reach for Milan, which has a mini-budget of 15 million. Money that could be added to, however, from the sale Huntelaar.