Commenta per primo
"Remember Fiorentina ...". Jose Mourinho responds to the coach of Bayern Monaco, Louis Van Gaal, who had criticized Inter, expressing his concern for the referee after the 'aid' given to Inter. The Portuguese coach told a news conference, four days before the Champions League final: "The referee does not worry me, but the Icelandic volcano. I would only go to Madrid on Friday, but we leave tomorrow. The things he says are like throwing sand in your eyes. In this Champions League we played two matches like no one else, no one has attacked like us in London against Chelsea and nobody attacked the champions of Europe as we did at San Siro. I do not recall a match like Inter and Barcelona, we won the semi-final in the first leg, then on the return leg we parked the aircraft at the door but because we were in ten and we had destroyed them at home. Instead Bayern with Lyon, when Ribery was sent off, changed Olic with Tymoshuk. And then the Italians remember the match with Fiorentina and Manchester United remembers the red for Rafael, but this is not my problem. Van Gaal says that he would not have celebrated like me? he can not do it because he is slow, I'm faster. When Iniesta scored against Chelsea last year, Guardiola ran like a madman. Why can’t I? "I celebrate with my fans, not to provoke". FUTURE: "It is not a matter of contract or money, with the crisis that there is, it makes me a bit ashamed of what I earn. It is a matter of personal satisfaction, to feel respected or not in a football country where I have had many problems. I do not change what I said a few days ago, is not true that I am the coach of Real Madrid. After the final I want two or three days to think calmly about my future, I still have not thought about it. The result on Saturday will not count and will not affect the decision I take; it will not change my knowledge of having done everything possible. I am peaceful, Inter owes me nothing and I owe Inter nothing because I gave everything. At this moment I am the coach of Inter, I have a contract until 2012 or 2013, I dont remember. My successor? The club chose me and chose well; when it has to do it again it will do it well. I do not want to give an identikit picture of someone because maybe it's me ... Obviously Inter can do nothing more to make me happy and feel important: the players are fantastic, there's empathy with the fans and everyone in the club is fantastic. The human dimension of the players really helps build the strength of a coach; the people who play in this team have made me a better coach and will do the same with someone else".