• Napoli, De Laurentiis: "The truth about Higuain"

    Napoli, De Laurentiis: "The truth about Higuain"

    Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis today announced that the team would return to Dimaro this summer to commence their preparations for next season.

    He stated that; “I’m always invited to the USA but we don’t want to go because the time differences can create difficulties”. Asked whether coach Maurizio Sarri would be there he replied; “Certainly why, did you have some doubt? I’ve enjoyed reading some of the stories that have been published on this subject”.

    The subject then moved on to striker Gonzalo Higuain and the clubs appeal against his four-match suspension. De Laurentiis explained that; “We have decided to keep silent about this in respect of the decision by the Court of Appeal, for it’s an important one for us”.  On whether his star striker would be at the club next season, the patron stated that; “I’ve not received any offers so until I do, he remains with us. There is a release clause in his contract therefore there’s nothing to discuss. Top players want to play in the big competitions so we will see where we finish”.

    Finally, he was asked about potential new arrivals for next season. De Laurentiis again; “The market is always dependent on who is selling and who is buying. For you, the transfer window always means bring in 4-5 players, if I did that constantly, I’d have 30 more players than I would need”.

    Steve Mitchell @barafundler

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