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Following the last summer dispute between Mohamed Salah and Fiorentina, the Egypt International is not expecting to receive a loving welcome on his Artemio Franchi comeback next Sunday.

Firentina v. Roma is definitely the most juicy part of Serie A day 9 as the Tuscan side are first in the Serie A table enjoying a one point lead over the Giallorossi side.  

Talking to an Italian TV show, Fiorentina’s director Sandro Mencucci seemed not to have left behind the Salah-saga.

“In Florence he [Salah] founded new motivations. He signed with us a long-term deal which he lately betrayed. He could have vetoed not to remain at Fiorentina, but only to make a Chelsea comeback. He shouldn't have joined any another team.”

“He was certainly encouraged by his agent (literally labeled as “the dude who wants to sell kebabs in Signoria square”). The issue is not yet resolved. We decided to take a legal action against the player and FIFA will have to say whether his behavior was right or not.”

During the same interview, Mencucci showed optimism over the construction of a new stadium to host Fiorentina’s home games declaring that both the club’s and the city council’s will is to kick off the building as soon as possible.