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    Roma, Baldissoni; "Gomez is a great player"

    Roma, Baldissoni; "Gomez is a great player"

    Roma Director General Mauro Baldissoni spoke to Premium Sport before this afternoon’s clash in Bergamo against Atalanta. One of the topics of conversation was the giallorossi’s reported interest in Atalanta’s attacking midfielder Papu Gomez to which Baldissoni replied; “He is a very good player but we don’t want to comment on any rumours not on our players, or players from other clubs”.
    ON MASSARA: “The decision to make Massara Sporting Director was a question of continuity. We believe in giving youth a try and we want to bring the best young Italians to this club. Bringing in the foreign players is convenient as they have the experience of playing at a high level but we must not sacrifice young players for this”.
    ON THE NEW STADIUM: “We hope it will be a great success and we are continuing to follow the correct procedures to ensure the project goes ahead without any problems”.

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