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    Ronaldo; "Roberto Carlos saved my life; My injuries were the fault of the clubs"

    Ronaldo; "Roberto Carlos saved my life; My injuries were the fault of the clubs"

    Brazilian legend Ronaldo has been speaking to Spanish Radio station Onda Cero. The former striker has been recounting many tales about his career both good and bad.
    ON INJURIES – Ronaldo accused Inter and Barcelona by stating that; “In the first ten years of my career I trained very badly in the sense that both clubs used the wrong methods. Many times I had to run like Roberto Carlos and Cafu and I simply couldn’t. I picked up many injuries because of these methods and missed a lot of matches. Technology was not so advanced then and in some cases, even the physiotherapists were unable to figure out a cure. Football was my life however and I always wanted to get back on the field as soon as possible”.
    THE MANAGERS, FROM SACCHI TO CAPELLO – “I arrived late to training twice in the same week when I was at Real Madrid. The first time, Sacchi gave me a lecture for 15 minutes then fined me. The second time before he even opened his mouth I said a lecture or a fine. Capello? He was a little more cute, I don’t consider him among the finest coaches I have played under”.
    ON THE 1998 WORLD CUP FINAL – “Roberto Carlos saved my life. It was after midnight and we were in our rooms and I lay down to get some sleep. Next thing I knew I was having violent convulsions and I lost all consciousness. I was shaking and at first, he thought I was joking”.
    ON NIGHTCLUBBING – Ronaldo was accused of enjoying the nightlife too much in Madrid. He justified his behaviour by explaining that; “Florentino Perez told me to stay home more and used Figo as an example. I said to him that if I had a wife like Figo, I would stay home more!”

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