Commenta per primo

They might have already met a month ago: on one side Naguib Onsi Sawiris, the telecommunications tycoon who transformed Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH) into a worldwide leading operator; on the other side Diego Della Valle. 

They spoke about money: 90 million euro, a significant sum to acquire Fiorentina, more or less half of what Della Valle has spent on his club so far. A sum that is very close to the 100 million he demanded during a press conference last winter.

However, Della Valle refused the offer, also because his brother Andrea is very close to Fiorentina. Additionally, one of his companies is now starting the Colusseum restoration and therefore Della Valle is not willing to mix the two projects for a problem of image.

It is not known if the negotiation is still ongoing, failed or in stand-by. For sure, there is the opportunity  that Fiorentina will be sold for the first time after the arrival of Della Valle.

In the meantime, the fans affixed a banner in the stadium: "Della Valle, troppe balle - Della Valle, too many lies".