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    Ventura on Italy star Verratti: ‘Ligue1 not competitive enough’

    Ventura on Italy star Verratti: ‘Ligue1 not competitive enough’

    Italy national team coach Giampiero Ventura has released an interview with Sky Italia talking about his first six months in charge of the azzurri squad. The former Torino gaffer has revealed that he believes that the Ligue1 is not competitive enough for one of Italy’s brightest stars Marco Verratti.

    “He [Verratti] is a great footballer and is an absolute added value for our squad. The Ligue1, however, is not stimulating enough and is not helping him to give the 100%. He plays for such a strong side that rhythms are never too high. If he’s fit, however, he can be a starter for Italy national team for the next ten years.”

    Ventura has also talked about Gigi Buffon, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Francesco Totti and Mario Balotelli.

    “Buffon must prove that he’s fit to play the 2018 World Cup and he knows that. Donnarumma is a predestined. His personality is more impressing than his saves.”

    “One last call-up for Francesco Totti is not going to gratify him, whilst Balotelli must impress me and live up to his potential. The problem is not what he does in the pitch and Italy national team’s doors are open to everybody.”

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