• Ten Things we don't know about the Milan Sale: CM's open letter to Marco Fassone

    Ten Things we don't know about the Milan Sale: CM's open letter to Marco Fassone

    As if yesterday’s Derby wasn’t bad enough, Milan faithful have been getting sleepless nights over the club’s potential sale to Chinese investors. With only 22 days to go before Sino-Europe’s self-imposed closing date, there are a lot of things that the general public doesn’t quite have a finger on.
    With reports of fake documents and with the identities of the various investors still far from clear, we here at Calciomercato decided to pitch Director General Marco Fassone ten questions in this open letter which, if answered, should provide fans with a far clearer picture.
    1- We keep hearing that the sale should be completed by December 13th, a date set by Sino Europe on November 17th. Could you confirm this for us?
    2- What will happen if this deadline is NOT met?
    3- Are financial reasons behind all these delays?
    4- How would you answer China Coach Marcello Lippi and Tianjin Quanjian manager Fabio Cannavaro, who both claim that nobody in China knows who the investors are?
    5- Berlusconi recently emphasized that “If I can’t come to an agreement with these Chinese investors, I had in mind a young, all-Italian team, preferably academy-based”. Could the deal really be scuppered?
    6- Galliani recently said that he wasn’t willing to accept any role except that of CEO. What are the chances of him being a part of the new Milan, one of Berlusconi’s wishes?
    7- What did you get out of your trip to China back in October, where you had the chance to meet the new investors and some potential commercial partners?
    8- Would it be possible for Berlusconi to be “given the chance to stay as honourary president, intervene in the transfer market and even in footballing matters”?
    9- Montella’s recent declaration that his “point of reference will always be Galliani”. Have you spoken to director of sport Mirabelli to discuss the team’s qualities, and to decide who to sign in January?
    10- What is your budget for the January window?
    Adapted by @EdoDalmonte

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