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    Ancelotti: ‘Ronaldo obsessed with training despite Irina waiting for him at home’

    Ancelotti: ‘Ronaldo obsessed with training despite Irina waiting for him at home’

    Next Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti has released an interview with the Financial Times talking about his managerial career and his next challenge at the Allianz Arena.

     “German is a very difficult language, especially when it comes to conjugate verbs. I haven’t met Bayern Munich representatives many times, but I think they must be like a family as there are many former footballers in the club’s control room. AC Milan were like a family too, while Juve was more like a proper company.”

    “I am not going to talk about young talents otherwise their price-tag will increase.”

    Talking about his former clubs and players he said: “Ronaldo was always training. He could remain at Valdebebas until 3 am to take care of his body with cold showers despite Irina [the Portuguese’s ex girlfriend] waiting for him at home!”

    “He doesn’t care about money, he only cares about being the number one.”

    “I could get angry every day, but I find happiness is doing my job. I don’t care about what journalists say. Sometimes you have to be flexible with players, some other times you can’t. If the team comes to me asking if they can rest one hour more than usual because they had worked a lot in the previous week, I see no problem in that.”

    “However, when we do pre-match meetings I want everyone to be on time. One day at Chelsea, the meeting was supposed to start at 10.30, but Drogba showed up at 11 and did not play the following game.”

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