• Asprilla: ‘Bacca better than Higuain’

    Asprilla: ‘Bacca better than Higuain’

    Former Parma striker Faustino Asprilla has released an interview with Tuttosport and was asked to share his thoughts on some of his compatriots currently playing in Serie A like Carlos Bacca and Juan Cuadrado.

    “I hope they’ll make history like I did in 1993. I’ve never liked comparisons, so I don’t think they can become my heirs. I support them, they are amazing players.”

    “Juventus are the favourite side tonight, but I think it’s going to end with a 3-2 win for Montella’s lads. Both teams will score.”

    “Bacca is a world class striker. In a way, he is better than Higuain and I am not saying that becuase we are compatriots.  Higuain is a tremendous striker, but he has an astonishing team behind him. Bacca is the reference point of an average team.”

    “He [Bacca] knows exactly where the ball will end up before shooting on goal.”

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