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    Atalanta, Papu Gomez open to Roma move

    Atalanta, Papu Gomez open to Roma move

    Yesterday he was telling everyone that he was not thinking of moving to a big club but today, Atalanta’s attacking midfielder Papu Gomez, looks to have changed his mind. In an interview with Premium Sport, the 28-year-old Argentine stated that; “An offer from Roma for January? I don’t know anything about that but in football you never know. I have a contract with Atalanta but it will not be my decision on whether I leave if we get a concrete offer”.
    He continued; “If Atalanta continue like this it will be difficult to leave because I want to go down in history with this club. The game at home against Roma will be a great occasion like it is when all the big clubs come to Bergamo. As he waits for clearance from FIFA to represent his country he stated that; “I hope this will happen, I’m a little disappointed at the current situation”.

    Steve Mitchell @barafundler

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