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    Berlusconi 'blocks' Donnarumma and De Sciglio sales, the latest

    Berlusconi 'blocks' Donnarumma and De Sciglio sales, the latest

    "Without the closing it will be a young and Italian Milan", this was one of Milan's slogans over the past few months. The young Italian Milan project is going so well that even with a changement in the ownership, the base of the team will remain the same. President Silvio Berlusconi stated to Premium Sport that he has turned down interesting offers for Donnarumma,Romagnoli and De Sciglio over the past few months since they are some of the core pieces of Milan's new project. 

    ANTI-JUVENTUS RENEWALS- Donnarumma and De Sciglio's contract will expire in 2018 as both will likely renew their deals with Milan sooner rather than later. Donnarumma's contract renewal talks have been very publicised as Galliani and Raiola had found an agreement but if Milan is to be sold, then Fassone and Mirabelli will have to review the deal with Raiola. Donnarumma would be scheduled to sign a 5 year deal once he turns 18. Milan will hope to get this done as soon as possible since Juventus like him a lot and view him as the perfect replacement of Gigi Buffon. Marotta and Raiola also do have a solid understanding between one another. Milan do not want to sell him since they view him as a building stone for future years but they need to hurry.

    Juve's interest in a Milan player doesn't end there as Allegri loves De Sciglio too. He was the one who handed him his debut back when he was Milan's coach and if Dani Alves is to miss a lot of time, De Sciglio would be one of Juve's top targets. As for Romagnoli, Milan have already rejected a big Chelsea offer for him last summer and they are ready to do the same again in the future. Romagnoli's Milan contract only expires in 2020 but a renewal will eventually be on the cards as well. Many Milan players will soon get a contract renewal but they first have to wait for the closing.

    By Federico Albrizio, adapted and translated by Jean-Luca Mascaro (@CalcioNews89)

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