• Capello: ‘I made Ibra watch videos of Van Basten to improve his finishing’

    Capello: ‘I made Ibra watch videos of Van Basten to improve his finishing’

    Fabio Capello has revealed how he made Zlatan Ibrahimovic improve his finishing in an interview with Premium Sport.

    The Italian tactician coached Ibra from 2004 to 2006 at Juventus. The Old Lady won two successive Serie A title with Ibra and Capello at the club, but both titles were revoked after the match-fixing scandal calciopoli.
    Capello has revealed that he also wanted to sign Ibrahimovic when he was Roma coach in 2003.

    Ibrahimovic had a stunning technique”, Capello has told Premium Sport.

    “When I moved to Juventus, I immediately asked the club to sign him. I wanted to bring it to Roma in the previous campaign, but we had already Totti, Cassano, Batistuta, Montella and Delvecchio.”

    “At the beginning of his first spell at Juventus, however, I noticed that he was weaker than I thought when he had to kick the ball and was not very strong in the air. Ibrahimovic loved making assists more than scoring goals. I wanted him to become more ruthless in front of goal and improve his finishing.”

    “He had the same technical skills as Van Basten and I made him watch some videos of him to improve his finishing, I told him to watch Van Basten’s movements inside the area and the way he used to score goals. Ibra got it straight away; I think results are out there to prove it.”

    “He is a very humble guy and he worked every day to improve He’s proud of himself too, he loves being the best.”

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