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    Cristiano Ronaldo reveals which Serie A clubs he snubbed to join Man Utd

    Cristiano Ronaldo reveals which Serie A clubs he snubbed to join Man Utd

    Real Madrid ace Cristiano Ronaldo received the award as best player of the 2015-16 Champions League campaign, during an event organized by La Gazzetta dello Sport and Marca.

    The Portuguese ace has also released an interview with the Italian paper talking about Serie A and its players and revealing which Italian clubs wanted to sign him in 2003, before he joined Manchester United.

    Juventus have improved a lot. They have a great team that will get them very far. Dybala and Higuain are one of the best duos in the world but has to wait for the end of the season to have the last word. Playing Juventus is never easy, especially at the J Stadium. I hope, however, that they won’t do too well in the Champions League because we want to keep that trophy. I’d be happy if they win the Serie A title.”

    “I am delighted to see Callejon playing so well for Napoli. I watched the game against Benfica and Napoli are a very good side too.”

    Joao Mario has told me that Serie A is very complicated but that he’s settling in well too. He doesn’t speak Italian too well at the moment, but he’ll manage in a few months.”

    “Serie A went a bid down in the last few years, but now it’s returning back to the top. That’s a positive thing for Europe because there are more competitive squads in the Champions League. Totti’s still an amazing player. I think he can still play for two or three years more. It is important for young players to understand that age is not important.”

    “When I moved to Manchester United in 2003, Juventus and Inter wanted to sign me too, but my dream was to play with United, that’s why I went there.”

    “I never think about retiring. I see myself playing on the pitch for very long time. I wouldn’t expect to stay at Real Madrid for as long as I am doing, but I feel great in this club and beating records of Raul and Di Stefano was awesome.”

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