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    EXCLUSIVE Agresti: Blame Galliani for Milan's woes!

    EXCLUSIVE Agresti: Blame Galliani for Milan's woes!

    • Stefano Agresti translated by M.G.
    Allegri, Seedorf, Inzaghi and Mihajlovic. A coach who won the scudetto, two beginners and an expert. Two Italians, a Dutchman and a Serb. A pragmatist, a dreamer, a loyalist and a tough drillmaster. A former winger, a former midfielder, a former striker and a former defender.

    AC Milan have tried everything, but over the past few seasons the results have always been the same: awful, or even worse. And the solution is always the same: it’s impossible that a great team like the Diavolo doesn’t win, let’s sack the coach! And it will happen even this time with Mihajlovic.

    I want to reflect about three things:

    It can happen that a coach is not suitable for Milan, its players and its history, but if the same thing happens for four years, the problem is not who sits on the bench, but who builds the team: Adriano Galliani.

    In the past, the Lombard club has saved a lot on the transfer market, but last summer Berlusconi invested almost €100 million. Evidently, everything has been done wrong on the market. And Galliani is the executive who takes care of that particular.

    Let’s say that the fault of Milan’s poor performances are not the players or the transfer market policy, but it all depends from the coach: who has chosen at least two of the last four coaches? Galliani.

    Well, we want to ask a simple question to Mr. Berlusconi: why does Galliani never pay for his mistakes?


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