Commenta per primo
There is a strange derby between two coaches, who have something in common: Juventus. The two coaches are Antonio Conte and Massimiliano Allegri. Both of them are thinking about a future in England, where there is the only league that can offer them a higher challenge.
Of course, the two have some targets for the immediate: the European Cup for Conte, another scudetto and the Champions League for Allegri. But, not only the players during this period make their plans for the future, and not only the players have some agents working for them.
Let’s start with Conte: he has been a target for AC Milan for a long time. But it’s also well known that he would like to try an experience abroad. Chelsea and Manchester United can be a concrete option, even though he will have to face the competition with other high-rated managers.
Allegri himself is another candidate for these clubs’ bench. Recently, his agents have been in talks with Arsenal, but then Wenger’s renewal has changed everything. Now, Allegri has Chelsea in his pathfinder.
In any case, we are not talking about the present. Certain things may happen only at the end of the current season. Both Allegri and Conte must plan their future with calm.

Luca Borioni translated by M.G.