• Exclusive: Kean’s mum says his son is ‘grateful to Juventus’

    Exclusive: Kean’s mum says his son is ‘grateful to Juventus’

    Juventus wonderkid Moise Kean is in the spotlight right now as he’s the first millennial to make debut in Champions League and Serie A. The 16-year-old striker played six minutes against Pescara last week and six more minutes against Sevilla in Champions League earlier this week.’s Nicola Balice has interviewed Kean’s mum Isabel in Asti, here’s what she told our reporter.

    “Moise and our family are grateful to Juventus. They gave him a chance and they’ve always believed in him. He grew up there and they gave him education. I can only say thank you to Juventus, everybody has put so much efforts to make him become the person he’s today.”

    “Juventus are like a family and he’s on very good terms with the club. I am happy with how they treat him, I can only say be happy for everything they did for him.”

    “He called me after the Pescara game, he was crying and I was crying too. I couldn’t go to Turin, but his brother did, they were both very moved.”

    “We went through hard times, but thanks to god we got over them. My sons are good guys, they are very religious and they’ve always respected the rules at home.”

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