• Fiorentina star Bernardeschi: 'Why I said no to Man United'

    Fiorentina star Bernardeschi: 'Why I said no to Man United'

    Fiorentina star Federico Bernardeschi doesn’t regret turning down Sir Alex Ferguson.
    Approached by the former Manchester United gaffer five years ago, the then-teen prodigy refused the legendary Premier League Coach, and doesn’t seem to have lost any sleep over it.
    “The talk was spreading [of a move to Manchester United], I was proud, yes,” he told the Gazzetta Sportiva, “but the idea didn’t excited me all that much. I was happy in Florence, I knew that I was going to become a player, and I believe in fate.
    “And anyway [director of sport] Pantaleo Corvino was involved, Vincenzo Vergine [head of Fiorentina’s youth setup] was clear: ‘Corvino told me that there was no way’.
    “My dad agreed with him, but I had the last word, and I didn’t regret it.
    “In hindsight, with a 22-year-old self knows that it was early: you go overseas if you’re already a player. If you’re a kid, you need to focus on working”.
    Bernardeschi also revealed an interesting anecdote about his heart problems, which were enough to keep him away from football for half a year.
    “My heart didn’t beat faster, but it appears that it was oversized.

    “I remember Doctor Galanti’s face as if it were yesterady: ‘Federico, you need to stop playing for six months, your heart is too big’.
    “I remember that I smashed up two items of furniture and a door as soon as I got home, it was more anger than depression”.

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