• Fiorentina turnaround prompted by player conference

    Fiorentina turnaround prompted by player conference

    Why have Fiorentina turned a corner?
    Local paper La Nazione have an answer: they claim that the Viola’s 0-0 draw with Atalanta prompted a conference among the players, with Director of Sport Paulo Sousa present.
    Corvino is very close to Paulo Sousa, and is always at the heart of everything the Viola do. Some of the players were reassigned new roles, especially Borja Valero, Bernardeschi and Ilicic. Beyond that, the team also opted for a four-man defence.
    Since then, Fiorentina have crushed Cagliari 5-3, drawn with Crotone… and beat Bologna. The starting XI looks better on the pitch, despite the Crotone tie.
    The campaign didn’t start very brightly for Fiorentina, winning two of their first six league games.
    Now, however, youngster Federico Bernardeschi has turned things around, playing a blinder against Cagliari and starting to recover the form we saw last season.


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