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    Focus: Why Inter may drop Banega for Milan Derby | by Emanuele Tramacere

    Focus: Why Inter may drop Banega for Milan Derby | by Emanuele Tramacere

    Only six days removed from the Derby, it looks like Stefano Pioli still has a few tough decisions to make in picking his starting XI.
    Inter’s biggest doubt is in midfield, where we suspect that Ever Banega may not even start. Stefano Pioli’s teams have always operated with a playmaker, and it’s not a coincidence that someone like Lucas Biglia is being linked to the Nerazzurri.
    Since Joao Mario most closely resembles this description, we think this could endanger Banega’s chances of earning a starting berth.
    Inter’s new Coach would like to have Banega play the regista role, at least until January, but the latter has tended to lose possession a lot, making the risks too high.
    The former Sevilla man will also return only on Friday from his international call-up with Argentina, and he won’t have the chance to be played in an experimental role. Though he adds a lot of quality to the build-up, it’s hard to see Banega really fill those boots from a defensive standpoint. 
    The 28-year-old has also a bit of an up-and-down season so far, just like Inter. Ironically, the Nerazzurri can’t seem to live without Banega.
    Pioli will need to guarantee some stability to this team, and gets a fresh Gary Medel back from injury, not to mention Croatia’s two-goal hero, Marcelo Brozovic, who will be at Appiano Gentile tomorrow.
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