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    Gerard Piqué could become Barcelona president one day

    Gerard Piqué could become Barcelona president one day

    Today’s edition of Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué could become the president of the Nou Camp outfit one day.

    The 29-year-old centre-back is said to be ‘more than a footballer’ as the Spain International is involved in many business activities that have nothing to do with the beautiful game.

    Pique, for example, is the proud owner of a videogame company called Kerad Games. The company was established in 2011, is constantly developing and has now more than 50 employees. The Spanish centre-back is also seeing his importance inside the Nou Camp’s dressing room growing as, most of times; he is the one who face media and journalists during word wars mainly against Barcelona’s hatred rivals Real Madrid.

    How not to mention his efforts towards NGOs and his strong Catalan patriotism? Spanish journalist Edo Polo believes that these are the reasons why Piqué should become Barcelona president one day and the centre-back’s candidacy is being backed by the 95% of Mundo Deportivo readers as well as by former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola who has said that he would vote for Piqué should he run for Barcelona presidency one day.

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