• Inter: is Zarate a top player or not?

    Inter: is Zarate a top player or not?

    • Marco Guidi

    Is Inter new acquisition Mauro Zarate a top player or not?

    The former Lazio, 24, has good skills like a top player but he behaves like a primadonna.  

    He arrived in Italy on loan from Qatar in 2008 and nobody noticed a part from some who followed him in the Premier League when he played with Birmingham. A short experience, full of ups and downs. But he played a good season at  Lazio scoring two goals on his debut in Cagliari. 36 games in total and 13 goals

    However in the season 2009-10 he had a very bad year. Only three goals and much of the season spent on the bench.
    In 2010-11 he started well, then he had problems with the coach Edy Reja that damaged his season. He scored 9 goals in total
    What can Zarate give to Inter? Talent, fast pace. What can he take away? Tactical discipline, tranquillity within the team. Moratti and Branco are aware of this, but they thought they'd take the risk. In a team weakened by Eto'o departure, perhaps Zarate is a good solution.    

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