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    Juventus, Lemina apologies with Pjaca on Twitter

    Juventus, Lemina apologies with Pjaca on Twitter

    Juventus have beaten Empoli for 3-0 in Serie A matchday 7 and today’s victory has allowed the Old Lady to move four points ahead of Napoli as Maurizio Sarri’s side lost their away clash to Atalanta for 1-0.

    Goals of the bianconeri came courtesy of Gonzalo Higuain (two) and Paulo Dybala, but Juventus could have scored more, if only Mario Lemina has passed the ball to Marko Pjaca in the second half, when the result was already set on 3-0.

    Lemina ran towards the goal with the Croat who was just waiting to get service all alone inside the danger area. Lemina, however, opted for the shot rather than assisting his teammate who would have scored his first goal in Serie A.

    The French midfielder apologised with his teammates posting a status on his Twitter account.

    “I didn’t see you brother, it will be for the first time brother. Congratulation to the team for this victory”.

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