• Petagna: 'I nearly quit, I wasn't resdy for Milan'

    Petagna: 'I nearly quit, I wasn't resdy for Milan'

    Andrea Petagna has delved once more into his difficult past, this time on television. 
    The young Atalanta star has been through a tumultuous few years, being dropped by AC Milan and struggling in the lower leagues before making a surprise return to Serie A with Atalanta. 
    “Perhaps I was catapulted among the big boys too soon,” he told TV Show La Domenica Sportiva, “And I paid for that. 
    “I'll always be grateful to Milan for what they have given me, but at 18 I wasn't yet ready for Samp [where he was sent on loan].
    “I had two tough years and, between a lot of wandering, few games and many injuries I found myself without any offers. 
    “I even thought of quitting”. 
    Petagna was also thankful to Juventus Coach Max Allegri, who gave him his debut back in their Milan days: “I had a great rapport with him, I think he's one of the best in the world. He let me debut with Milan and I'll never forget that”.

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