• Roberto Mancini plays down Inter exit rumours

    Roberto Mancini plays down Inter exit rumours

    Inter boss Roberto Mancini is well aware that the Nerazzurri’s form has been too unpredictable this season and hopes the team will make the most of the last seven games in order to qualify to Europe.

    “First of all, let me congratulate Yuto [Nagatomo] on his contract extension. That’s great, it proves he loves this club", the former Man City tactician said ahead of Inter's Matusa tie against Frosinone

    “As far as the team is concerned, we have to battle it out and give our best, there are still 21 points available.”

    “Maybe we’ve made too many mistakes, we lost consistency and it’s time to win again now. We have to believe [we can qualify to Champions League] until there are points available. Anyway we are pro and we should give our best even when we have no more objectives left.”

    “We’ve lost too many games we didn’t even deserve to draw. But when you are rebuilding a team, time is what you need. We thought it would have been quicker. I don’t rate Inter high this season, but not players because they’ve been working well. The bad rating is for me only because I am the manager. My future depend on results.”

    “I still have an year left on my contract, so there are no problems about my future. I can’t repeat the same things during each press conference."

    “Jovetic is eligible to play tomorrow, he had suffered an injury and I hope he can have an impact in the last games of the season. Miranda is suspended so Medel or Juan can replace him. Gary [Medel] did not feel good recently, let’s see how it goes tomorrow.”

    “It is still too early to talk about transfers. We need time and patience, but we have to consider we can make good signings without spending a fortune."

    Lorenzo Bettoni @lorebetto

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