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    Ronald De Boer: ‘Gabigol not needed at Inter’

    Ronald De Boer: ‘Gabigol not needed at Inter’

    Ronald De Boer, brother of axed Inter boss Frank, has released an interview with Bureau Sport, going on behind the scenes of the Serie A club’s decision to get rid of his brother 84 days after his appointment as Inter boss.
    Ronald De Boer has claimed that his brother didn’t want to sign Brazilian star Gabigol, but the Serie A side eventually decided to sign him anyway.

    “Of course I am disappointed, just like Frank. He wanted to stay, he was motivated, put things didn’t go this way. I thought he’d be successful in Italy, but things didn’t go this way.”

    “Frank couldn’t put his ideas into practice, but there are many aspects to be taken into account. Inter have too many players. There are 7-8 players that Frank wanted to sell, but Inter have bought two more instead, Gabigol included.”


    Inter do not need Gabigol, Frank didn’t want to sign him. He arrived all in a sudden; it was a business operation, nothing more than that. Frank only wanted to focus on football, but he couldn’t.”

    “We thought Inter was a good club for Frank, but that was a mistake. I am optimist, one can always learn from defeats. It’s been an unpleasant


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