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    Serie A Matchday 9: Top 5 flops of the weekend

    Serie A Matchday 9: Top 5 flops of the weekend

    There were many great performances this past week but there were also some not as good ones.

    Here are our top 5 flops of the Serie A matchday 9 :

    5- Fabio Pisacane, Cagliari vs Fiorentina, Whoscored rating: 5.5 :

    Pisacane really had a hard time as Cagliari allowed Kalinic to score 3 goals and Bernardeschi to get 2 goals in their 5-3 loss today. Pisacane wasn't great but he wasn't the worst performer of Cagliari ...

    4- Bartosz Salamon, Cagliari vs Fiorentina, Whoscored rating: 5.5 :

    Salamon struggled against Fiorentina's offensive players today. The game really seemed to be going to quick for him as Cagliari eventually replaced him. 

    3- Marco Storari, Cagliari vs Fiorentina, Whoscored rating : 5.3 :

    The ex-Milan and Juve keeper allowed 5 goals today which is not something that you see too often in football. He wasn't at fault for all the goals but he seemed shaky all game long.

    2- Manolo Gabbiadini, Crotone vs Napoli, Whoscored rating: 5.2 :

    Gabbiadini really put his team in a difficult situation as he was sent-off in the 31st minute of play. Luckily for him, Napoli still found a way to win the game. He will surely sleep better knowing this !

    1- Josip Posavec: Roma vs Palermo, Whoscored rating : 4.2 :

    Posavec had a nightmare of a game as he was at fault on 2 of Roma's 4 goals. The youngster will have to do better in the future as tonight is a night to forget for him. Posavec is our flop of the week-end. 

    Jean-Luca Mascaro (@CalcioNews89)

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