• Balotelli: operation OK.

    Balotelli: operation OK.

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    Mario Balotelli left the hospital this morning after he had a successful knee operation. He is now resting in his home at Concesio, near Brescia, here he will be staying until the next medical check on Monday. Leaving the hospital together with his agent, Mino Raiola, Balotelli said: "I'm fine, the operation went well. I hope I can recover asap. Materazzi came to see me yesterday, but I think my other former teammates will come to my house".

    "Is it a sign of affection from Inter? Yes, this is mutual. A.C. Milan want me? This is another story... I haven't played with City yet. It is true that Galliani sent me a text wishing a prompt recovery. Inter are strong, but so are Milan. I don't think Milan are stronger than Inter, but  it will be a great derby. Perhaps I'll come to watch the match."

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