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    Inter ultras against Icardi: ‘Clown, take the captain armband off’

    Inter ultras against Icardi: ‘Clown, take the captain armband off’

    Not even the time to celebrate a deserved contract extension, that Mauro Icardi is facing new problems with Inter fans. Nor the alleged offer of the Mafia to Maxi Lopez or his love story with Wanda Nara has anything to do with the nerazzurri fans anger towards their captain.

    Icardi has just published his autobiography in which he also provides details of a huge argument he had with fans after a defeat against Sassuolo in Serie A.

    Ultras of Curva Nord have replied to the Argentinean striker with an official statement, here’s its translation.

    “We put our hands up as a sign of surrender. That’s just unreal. The first thing we ask is: why so many fantasies and inaccuracy, why such a squalid fiction? Why? We are disappointed and shocked. It’s a very strange situation, the autobiography of a 23-year-old guy, that would be enought to make us think, you are just telling lies to look smart at our expenses.”

    “Icardi is a liar when he describes that meeting after the Sassuolo game and we’d prefer not to remember that day when his teammate wanted to ‘strangulate’ him for his arrogant behaviour towards all the interisti

    “The ‘Curva’ must not be feared, the curva must be respected”

    “Nobody has to fear nobody, having integrity and being honest is all that matters. He talks about children, he made up an event to show that he’s better than us, like we are not the only group that does choreography alongside children [during games].”

    “Who was there does not forgive how things had really gone and who provoked who. It is pathetic to read some stuff like: ‘How many they are? Fifty? a hundred? Two hundred? That’s fine. Register this message; I want them to hear it properly. I’ll take 100 criminals from Argentina to kill them all, and then we’ll see.’”

    “Icardi doesn’t know what the respect is. Something is going wrong in his head. We’ve always wanted to believe that he’s a good guy, young,  bit fool like everyone else, but at least honest. Having a laugh on it would be convenient for him. What shall we do now? We can’t act as nothing has happened, because all those false statements written in the book are just unacceptable.”

    “We’ve been supporting Inter since before Icardi was even born, Inter is not a bank account to us. How can he say that we should always encourage and support the team also when the team lose? We always do that, we always support the team, regardless the result.”

    “There are no excuses, bonuses are over. We don’t want to be understood or accepted, we are Ultras. We are irrational and passionate; we are the heart that gives everything for an unconditional love.”

    “Everyone, however, should understand that a person like him can’t wear the captain armband, Inter do not
    deserve it. Icardi is done with us. Take the captain armband off, clown, that’s what we demand.”


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