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    Serie A Matchday 12: Bottom 5 performances of the weekend

    Serie A Matchday 12: Bottom 5 performances of the weekend

    There were many great performances in Matchday 12 but there were also inevitably some not as good ones. 

    ​Here is a list of our top 5 flops of Matchday 12:

    5- Panagiotis Tachtsidis: Torino vs Cagliari : Whoscored rating: 5.6

    Cagliari have really been conceding many goals and Tachtsidis (like many of the Cagliari players) had a game to forget. He was sloppy with the ball all game long. 

    4- Pepe Reina : Napoli vs Lazio: Whoscored rating: 5.6

    Reina is normally such a good goalkeeper for Napoli but he didn't do well against Lazio. His error allowed Keita to score and tie the game up, only minutes after Hamsik had put Napoli ahead.

    3- Albano Bizzarri: Pescara vs Empoli : Whoscored rating: 5.4

    Bizzarri did not have a strong game as he and his Pescara team conceded 4 goals to Empoli today. 

    2- Marco Storari : Torino vs Cagliari: Whoscored rating: 4.9

    It wasn't a great week for goalkeepers as Storari had a bad game too. He committed an error which led to one goal and was shaky all game long as Cagliari conceded 5 goals. 

    1- Daniele Dessena : Torino vs Cagliari: Whoscored rating: 4.7

    Dessena was our worst performer of the week. Cagliari were already losing 4-0 but he didn't make things better as he was sent off in the 58th minute of play and Belotti then scored another goal from the penalty spot.  

    Jean-Luca Mascaro (@CalcioNews89)

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