Commenta per primo
Massimo Moratti is ready to return to Inter Milan.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed and Inter have, if anything, denied the numerous reports on the matter, it appears that the former owner will be back to run the club under Zhang Jindong.

In truth, Moratti never really left, as demonstrated by Roberto Mancini’s hiring when predecessor Walter Mazzarri was sacked.

According to the first reports that have come in, Moratti would like to be able to have power over the transfer window. As with every president in Calcio’s history, he’s had a few home runs (Ronaldo) and a few flops too many.

But that’s not the point: modern football doesn’t have room for rich patrons like Moratti, who was known for being very kind to his players. These days, owners determine a budget, and sporting directors invest it according to their beliefs, while listening - but not necessarily satisyfing - their Coach’s requests.

Adding another cog to the machine could cause the whole mechanism to break down. Inter’s rebuild is already difficult enough without gatecrashers, regardless of their past.

Cristian Giudici, adapted by @EdoDalmonte