Commenta per primo

What's this? Are Inter complaining about the market? "The market is crazy right now, it's impossible to compete," explained yesterday Inter sporting director Marco Branca, speaking of Villas Boas, the financial fair play and how much English football, at this moment, is more rich and competitive than the Italian. All true, for Heaven's sake, but perhaps Inter should remember that in the race to spend the most, the club has excelled in Italy (and beyond) for years, with increases in capital and record transfers. They had the right to do so (the money was Massimo Moratti's, that he spent legitimately, as Mansour does now at Manchester City).

It is more likely, however, that the current difficulties on the market are arising from other reasons, rather than by the alleged inability to compete financially. There is a clear that the Nerazzurri have reached a deadlock. The Corriere dello Sport today emphasized the gap between Moratti and Branca with regards to the new manager (the president would go for Mihajlovic, Branca for Gasperini). In recent days, then, we have seen some divergence between the two (on Capello, Branca said "I never contacted him", Moratti: "The Football Association did not want to release him"). It's no secret that Moratti blames Branca for chosing Benitez last summer, as successor to Mourinho.

We remember the words of Moratti last year on Mourinho, talking about his skills as a communicator and motivator of the entire environment: "He's more than a coach, it's almost like having a CEO" . Well, looking back at this comment and the gap left in the club by Gabriele Oriali, and considering that Ernesto Paolillo formally covers the role of general manager (and CEO), but with only institutional and commercial tasks, a question arises: Do Inter need a general manager who is also involved in the market? Just what Leonardo is going to do at Paris Saint Germain ...